14. Študentska arena 2013

Authors: David Sotoca and Busra Sentepe
14th Študentska arena took place in Ljubljana, like is it in a tradition that it happen every year at he same location in a same time. This event is organised for studnets, so because of this a lot of different organisations – formal and non-formal attended this event. As ŠKIS we had a fair also, where we presented our organisation,events, projects and other activities.

We took a part at the Arena to take photos. The event is three days long, we attended at first two days. We were taking photos of visitors around ŠKIS fair, ŠKIS activits and also people who were playing funny ŠKIS game. It was really interesting for us to attend at Študentska arena. We got really good chance to learn more about Slovenia  education in Slovenia.

It was free entry so we thought that more people should to visit this event. People who came to fair were really interested in information of different faculties of University in Ljubljana. We think that they were also having fun at workshops and competitions, where they could win a prize. We think that the main idea of this event is to get attention from students, to show them what kind of opportunities are opened for them in Ljubljana.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 8.04.48 AM

Yesterday we attended at panel discussion about project»Jamstvo za mlade«, which was organised by Slovene Youth Council and also ŠKIS took part in this project. There were also ministers, so we took photos of them and we liked this panel was open to everyone and free to attend. It was also so nice for us to see this kind of panel in Slovenia, which included both goverment and also society, we think it is not common within the different countries. Public was so open to listen them and wasn’t scared about pointing out important questions. What we saw is the communication between government and the public, which is better than many other countries.

For us as a volunteers, it was a good oppotunity  to meet with other organisations, to get infomation about their work, activities and we agreed that ŠKIS is the right organisation for us to work with.

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