Blood donating week

“Častim pol litra” (Giving away half a liter) has become a traditional and recognizable slogan for a nation-wide student blood-donating action, which takes place every year in the autumn and spring. Blood donating week is an original ŠKIS Association project which is organized in collaboration with Student Organization of Slovenia, Student Organization of University of Ljubljana, Student Organization of University of Maribor, Student Organization of University of Primorska and local student clubs.

In those few days many young blood donors donate blood as they are aware of the importance of such a voluntary action. Blood donating takes place on Institutes of Republic of Slovenia for Transfusion Medicine in several cities across Slovenia. The ŠKIS Association encourages young people to donate blood by giving away symbolic prizes. ŠKIS activists and Heads of the ŠKIS Association also donate blood. The primary goal of the project is to inform and encourage youth to offer aid to those in need.

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