Authors: David Sotoca and Busra Sentepe
14th Študentska arena took place in Ljubljana, like is it in a tradition that it happen every year at he same location in a same time. This event is organised for studnets, so because of this a lot of different organisations – formal and non-formal attended this event. As ŠKIS we had a fair also, where we presented our organisation,events, projects and other activities.

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Today, 28th of March it was time for another IZOPOP workshop at ŠKIS!

Once again, as became usual, today it was time for another IZOPOP workshop at ŠKIS!

This weekend, 9th and 10th of March there was one more edition of Dijaški Boomerang in Tolmin for High School Students sections of local Student Club and also Koper’s club.

This year, the visitors of ŠKIS fair, which will be held on 8th May at Ilirija, will be again able to visit the International Ocean, which aims to promote intercultural dialogue among the youth, active citizenship and social democracy. Last year, the International Ocean has brought together young people from the European Union members, EU partner countries (USA, China, South Korea, Russia and India), countries in the process of accession to the EU (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia) as well as the representatives of the Slovenian minorities in Italy, Austria and Croatia.

On Tuesday, 19th of February the election for ŠOS members took place. Svet ŠOLS elected Janez Kravcar, Andraž Šiler and Kaja Dekleva to be the representatives of ŠOLS in the head student organization in Slovenia. We asked them to say a few words.

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