Dijaški boomerang/Celje 2012

This last weekend was held in Celje the first Dijaški Boomerang of 2013 and with an attendance rate never seen before with around 30 high school pupils showing up, not only from Celje Students Club but from several others near by.

Students Boomerang is an event organized by the High School Students Board of Škis, this time in cooperation with Education Board and it’s an activity that has grown and showed more and more progress each time, not only in organization, thematics or methodology but mainly on educating pupils of their part in students clubs and having them actively participating, preparing them more effectively for continuing the work later on as students and at the end as more capable citizens.

Divided in two teams, had a full saturday with two intensive workshops on motivation and project management and by night a light program with stand-up commedians that took them to tears.
Eventhough the participants seemed a bit shy at first, the work went very well and at the end the Board was very pleased with the outcome of the weekend.

I had the opportunity to speak, briefly, about mobility and the importance that programs like EVS have shaping us as citizens and the significance of non-formal education even more that 2013 is the European Year for Citizenship! Have a try! Trust me, I know it!

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