Društvo študentov Brežice EN

Adminstrative Unit Brežice – 1221 students

Municipality: Brežice

“Društvo študentov Brežice” (DŠB) was founded in February 1995. On that day ten of the most enthusiastic students gathered with the purpose of changing the area in which they live in. They wanted to show the local community, that they do care what happens to their city and youth. They wanted to bring some activities, something that would connect young people and at the same time encourage the development of their multiple talents.  

As a result many projects were generated, both domestic and international. These projects have now become a tradition in Brežice. These projects have significantly revived activities in and around the city of Brežice, especially in the region of “Posavje”. The projects meet and cover a wide range of activities of the youth, especially students and high school students.  

“Društvo študentov Brežice” organizes projects in the field of sports, social welfare, culture, education, and organizes many projects. The purpose of the most known project “Polteni glasbeni večeri” is to encourage young artists to express themselves and to be creative. One of the most important projects is also the revival of the city center. In the summer months many concerts are held. On these concerts young and not yet known bands perform in front of home town audience.

In addition to “Poletni glasbeni večeri” DŠB also organizes: DŠB Fest, BOK! Fest, Freshman Party, DŠB Skiing, “Roštiljada”, Beachvolley, night hike with torches, DŠB Santa Clause, travel lectures, “Fazanc”, blood donating event and many other events.

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