Educational Seminar for Slovene Student Clubs at Velenje

This past weekend, 8-9 December, the Educational Seminar for Slovene Student Clubs was held in Velenje.

The seminar had two main objectives. First, to introduce the the new educational system that Skis is trying to develop, and secondly, to educate new club members about the work that they will carry on during their term.
Main representatives of the clubs attended dispite the weather and had one intense saturday of workshops on accounting, administration, leadership, project management or public relations (PR).
Sunday was a more relaxed day devoted only to evaluations.
This was the first main event lead by Skis after election and will be followed by another two student club working weekends during next year in order to build a consistent educational sistem for clubs.
As a result, it was possible to display a useful working plan in different fields and create a warmer relation between Skis and club representatives, some of them new at this kind of job.
In the meanwhile the work will continue and as a »outsider« I must say that I was impressed with the effort done by everyone in such huge enterprise!
See you next time! I will be the one taking photos!

Daniela Nunes, EVS

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