Election day

On Tuesday, 19th of February the election for ŠOS members took place. Svet ŠOLS elected Janez Kravcar, Andraž Šiler and Kaja Dekleva to be the representatives of ŠOLS in the head student organization in Slovenia. We asked them to say a few words.


Janez Kravcar – ŠOS Commision


Whats your role in ŠOS Commision conserning Student clubs?

My role will be mainly in establishing a two way communication between ŠOS and ŠKIS, including all the clubs. My advantage is having a lot of experiences regarding work in student clubs and i will try to influence the ŠOS Commision with them, so the ŠOS Commision will be able to see the student clubs affairs from their point of view more easily.

Personal quote that define you

Everything can be achieved with hard work and dedication.


Andraž ŠILER – kandidat za 2. Člana predsedstva ŠOS

Why do you think you’re the right choice and where can you make the difference?

I think I’m the right choice for being 2nd member of ŠOS presidency, because I have experiences, interest and time for running that job. I think i can make differences in the field of student rights and student participation in Slovenia.

Personal quote that define you.

Per ardva ad astra.


Kaja DEKLEVA – kandidatka za Razsodišče ŠOS

What motivated you for application at ŠOS Tribunal?

After quite some years in student organizing at local level and at Zveza ŠKIS, I decided that I’d like to get to know better also our umrella organisation from the inner perspective. So in short, i’d like to learn something new and put my existing knowledge into use.

Personal quote that define you.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


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