First week of one year long EVS project at ŠKIS association

The EVS project called »What youth can do?« is taking place in Ljubljana and it started at 3rd of September 2013. EVS project will be one year long. My hosting organisation is Zveza ŠKIS, which is an umbrella organisation of Slovenian student clubs with a purpose of representing their interests and connecting them on a national level. The main topic of the EVS project is modern communication and multimedia, through which i will gain a chance of getting to know the unique structure of Slovenian student organising, especially local student clubs. The main thing of the project is to find out »What youth can do?«, not only at national level, but also at local level. During EVS project i will visit various local student clubs, record short movies/ take photos about them and help them with designing project stories of student clubs and also ŠKIS Association. With visiting different type of events, I will have opportunity to upgrade my personal references. You can follow my EVS project at my project blog (

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