History of the ŠKIS Association

Local student clubs across Slovenia are operating since the thirties. The fruits of their labor are seen in a wide range of traditional projects, which over the years have grown into successful, popular and high-quality national projects.

The local organization has over the years adapted to the specific needs of individual local environments and in this way student clubs developed their image and vision of their activity. However, the purpose of all the clubs is the same – to help students and high school students, and enable them a high quality study and to establish a rich extracurricular program for quality free time. Due to their similar activities and specific organization the clubs have come together and formed a strong connection of young local activists across the county. On 16th June, 1994 on the basis of the Act on student community, Association of Student Clubs of Slovenia has been founded.

Ever since the foundation the ŠKIS Association made efforts for the establishment of the Student Organization of Slovenia (ŠOS), which definitively came to life in 2003 after the amendment of the Student Constitution in December 2002. Today, in addition to the ŠOLS Council (the Council of Student Organisations of Local Communities) the Student Organization of Slovenia is made of: Student Organization of University of Ljubljana (ŠOU LJ), Student Organization of University of Maribor (ŠOUM) and Student Organization of University of Primorska (ŠOUP).

Throughout its years of operation the ŠKIS association proved to be active and reliable, since many of the largest national projects of student organization, have grown in the ŠKIS sphere. “Škisova tržnica” (ŠKIS fair) is one of the projects the ŠKIS Association is most proud of, since it became the largest one-day event for young people in Slovenia. “Študentska arena” (Student arena) is also an original ŠKIS Association project, which has evolved into the largest fair and educational event for young people in Slovenia and now takes place for three days or more. In addition to entertainment and education the ŠKIS Association also affected the formation of one of the largest student projects in the field of health and social welfare. “Vseslovenski študentski krvodajalski teden” (All Slovenian student blood donation week) originated on the basis of the ŠKIS association idea and the project received its present form after connecting all other entities of the Student Organization of Slovenia.

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