How to integrate quicker and without the problems …

Today I will share with you a week of sightseeing and exploring the city and members of the ŠKIS.

The  problem begun when i met with cultural differences, for example food…i like to enjoy in meal with group of people..i think it is so important to have enough time reserved for meal, in that way you have enough time to taste the food. I already found some different and similiar things about food here. My first dish was lasagna, which was so similar with portuguese, so it brings me memories on home…where i found the was in soup…

Those are just my first impressions on which points I’m focusing…after it that i have more than 8 months to spend in Slovenia..i think there is still a lot time to discovered around the country, especially about the ‘ typical ‘.

Another difference that i recognized in Slovenia is lifestyle of people, which is more dynamic then on Portugal. What paid my attention were group of people which were waiting for bus ( actually thats kind a daily routine)..people are for example waiting for bus..and when it comes..they’re entering in the line, one by one…not making crowd like on Portugal, people are entering in a calm way.

The funny part is also in communication with random people on the streets..when i asked them to give me some informations..i ask them in English and they are repling me in Slovene…almost all the time .

How to integrate quicker and without the problems…

What I want to share with you is that when you’re in some foreign area, you have to selfreflex and go deeper in yourself..then its easier to find out the directions how to cross the barriers.

So..let’s do the overview..what hosting organisation did for my integration..and what i did for it…

Lets overview the ŠKIS …ŠKIS has done a great job to get me integrated quickly into group.

– The work enviroment allows  me to be in contact and to make the interaction with main members at ŠKIS, in case that I have opportunitiy to work with them together , I’m able to see in which way and how they are working;

– The important part of work is working plan, because of it, im more organised, and i know exactly what I have to do;

– I also like to have meals together with other coworkers,its a good socializing for me, because we’re sharing different views on things;

– Meetings with other members and getting more knowledge about their projects, allows me to see and go deeper in it and to be more understandable about different topics and why development of some subject is so important here;

– The fact that I have personal mentors, who are giving me support, means a lot for me;

Its also important that hosting organisation is doing well their part how to quickly integrate me, but its also important that i personally do the same part as hosting organisation, so if those two are integrated together..its a perfect way to do the integration.

– Its also good to be an observant, who is objective and can also do some evaluation.

– It was also good that I met the main points of the city, like.. Hospital, the Embassy or Consulate of Portugal, and other intituitions that may help me to better understand several ways and to get quicker respond to some personal needs;
– Always have a map of city;
– Go hiking through the city to know the shortcuts and main points, such as markets, malls, gardens, etc.
– It is also good to get some basic Slovene words to easily communicate with others;
– Try to intergrate in some sports, dance group or other activities that can may new friendships;

Well … for now those are some topics which i saw as important and from which i learned a lot of informations which i saw them as useful for anyone who wants to survive the first days of integration.

Ate breve…e beijinhos, Dayrina


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