International day

4th April 2013


In this special day, around the world, efforts are held to raise awareness about landmines and Several events, programs and activities take place « “Mine action” refers to a range of efforts to clear landmines and explosive remnants of war and to mark and fence off dangerous areas. It also includes assisting victims, teaching people how to remain safe in a mine-affected environment, advocating for universal participation in international treaties related to landmines, explosive remnants of war and their victims, and destroying landmines stockpiled by governments and non-state armed groups.»

One of the major examples of civil society action is the campaign Lend Your Leg. Since 2011, more and more people showed that they care about the issue and took action, even if only in a symbolic «Every year, more than 4,000 people are injured or killed because of landmines; people with a life, with families, with dreams. This is the world we live in. We have to stop this. Therefore, it is important to remind the international community and to urge decision makers to take action about this issue.

We –the people- need all 197 states to be signatories of the Mine Ban Treaty. We need to STOP the


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