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International Ocean contributes to diversity of ŠKIS fair

The ŠKIS fair has been uniting students from all around Slovenia for many years. It gives them an opportunity to get together in one place on a particular warm spring day and present their work, cultural character of their part of Slovenia or cuisine from a certain area. In the last years, a special place has also been dedicated to intercultural networking and collaboration. Therefore a place among other stands that represent regional student clubs is now also given to the International Board of ŠKIS Association that invites different young people who want to make a contribution to diversity of the event to be a part of it.

We are talking about the International Ocean, an event that will unite foreign students, volunteers, interns, Slovenians in the neighbouring countries as well as minorities. They all have a common interest to present their culture to the public through their performance, promotional materials and cuisine that more than 20.000 visitors of the afternoon programme get a chance to try.

International Ocean wants to show that Slovenian students are open to collaboration and mutual dialogue between different cultures and nationalities while also bringing diversity and an international note to ŠKIS fair.

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