Izopop workshops

Yesterday took place at FDV the first “educating afternoons” or IZOPOP workshops organized by ŠKIS for their activists and club members.

The first of seven, each 14 days, that will be held on diferent thematics in order to bridging the gap on youth work, either in clubs or other organizations, between their members.

The first workshop was devoted to FEEDBACK, one of the most pressing issues that students have encounter in their work. This time, the responsible for the workshop was Urša Svetelj and on the 2 hours that was held in, the workshop was devided between theory and practice: the participants had to come up with their own definition on the subject as a group, had to discuss diferent point os view, from who gives feedback and who receives it, and at the end they had to illustrate with practical examples.

The next one will be on January 28th at ŠKIS conference room at 5pm, (Ab)use Google by Blaž Rošer.
Will you attend?!

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