Author: Busra Sentepe
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a declaration adopted by the United Nations on 10th  December 1948 in Paris. After the declaration, 10th of December is celebrated  as an International Human Rights Day every year. The main purpose was to give democratic, fundamental rights and freedom of people to everyone in everywhere. Each of us deserve to live in peace with freewill.  During the years after declaration, in many places, racist lows have been repealed, social practices that relegated women to second-class status have been abolished. Also again during the years, many organizations and associations  were established. Even if we still have too many associations to create awareness about Human Rights, I believe that something's missing in the declaration because of all acts which are happening in a bad way in the world. We still have many countries, in which Human Rights are not respected.  We can say that the underdeveloped and developing countries, still doen't have enough respect for Human Rights. In case, in the point of my view I would like to give some examples from Turkey and from Slovenia.

Author: Busra Sentepe

The reception took place in Ljubljana Castle on 29th of October at 6PM. This reception was divided into several parts ; Presentating the importance of the day as a republic day of Turkey , Piano recital by Gokhan Aybulus who is an Associated Professor in Eskisehir Anadolu University in Turkey and the last part of the evening was the reception. The event was organised by Turkish Embassy in Slovenia. More 100 people joined this event, even Slovene' Govenment Representatives, Representatives of Turkey, representatives from other embassies,Turkish erasmus students, who are studying Slovenia and Turkish people who live in Slovenia.

Authors: David Sotoca and Busra Sentepe
14th Študentska arena took place in Ljubljana, like is it in a tradition that it happen every year at he same location in a same time. This event is organised for studnets, so because of this a lot of different organisations – formal and non-formal attended this event. As ŠKIS we had a fair also, where we presented our organisation,events, projects and other activities.

Authors: David Sotoca, Busra Sentepe
All EVS volunteers, who started their EVS work in September, October met at Bled between 14-18th of October for the EVS On arrival training. This training is the biggest support for us to find out all about EVS and Slovenia.

4th April 2013


Today, 28th of March it was time for another IZOPOP workshop at ŠKIS!

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