This last weekend was held in Celje the first Dijaški Boomerang of 2013 and with an attendance rate never seen before with around 30 high school pupils showing up, not only from Celje Students Club but from several others near by.

In the past thursday, 10th January, students gathered in front of the Ministry for Work, Family and Social Affairs at Kotnikova 28, in order to show their disaproval on how are being managed the scholarships this year in Slovenia. It includes all the delays and new standards that are not beneficial for students, such as the new rule of making proof of residency in the city and even so do not get the bonus amount for being away from home.

With a new year almost here, it was time for Škis to ˝build a mutual trust between activists and to identify and sort out the problems, which occur in our organization.

2012 is the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidary Between Generations. The aim is to raise awareness about the contribuition that all generations do to society, no matter if are youngsters or elderly that we are talking about. Everyone has a part, rights and duties.

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. (H.E. Luccock)

Today I will share with you some experiences, I gained during the meeting of the Council ŠOLS.

In september we started with a new EVS project and so Dayrina Barros from Portugal has come to meet Zveza ŠKIS, Slovenia and will help us with our project. We invite you to read her first blog.

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