Klub ajdovskih študentov in dijakov EN

Administrative Unit Ajdovščina – 1479 students

Municipalities: Ajdovščina, Vipava

“Klub ajdovskih študentov in dijakov” is a nonprofit organization of young people with a lot of teamwork, creativity and effort. It works in the fields of culture, entertainment, education, sports and social welfare in Ajdovščina and Vipava. They adapt their activities and try to keep in line with the planned vision and selected goals. They create the majority of the projects to match the needs and preferences of club members, students and pupils. For their high-quality non-formal education they provide lectures, courses and seminars. They take care of entertainment and relaxation with excursions and numerous concerts both with popular as well as cultural character. The club takes care of the recreation of their members with a year-round recreation in the indoor hall and in the indoor and summer swimming pool. In partnership with bus operators Avrigo they offer their members subsidized transport to the study centers.
Almost from the outset, “Ajdovska dijaška sekcija” works under the auspices of the club. It acts as a liaison to students, and organizes projects whose target are high school students. “Klub ajdovsih študentov in dijakov” is signed in the Youth Council Ajdovščina and the in the Association of students and high school students of Primorska – “Vstala Primorska”.

“Kašev letni vrt” is a summer event that takes place in August during the weekends in the evening. On Fridays they prepare major concerts of popular foreign and domestic bands. Saturdays are culturally colored. They organize travel lectures by well-known travelers, or theater games. On Sundays they organize concerts with alternative music. Evenings are meant for all generations.

concerts, movie nights, sports tournaments, recreation, degree with value, language and dance classes, travel lectures, organized trips, New Year’s Eve etc.

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