Klub goriških študentov EN

Administrative unit Nova Gorica – 2937 students

Municipalities: Brda, Kanal, Miren – Kostanjevica, Nova Gorica, Renče – Vogrsko, Šempeter – Vrtojba

The club is a voluntary, apolitical organization of Slovenian and foreign students, aiming to integrate and educate students. It has the status of student organizations of the local community according to the student community and the conditions covered by the Student Constitution. It advocates primarily for the following purposes: to combine students of Gorica region and those who are studying there, to provide assistance, working with other student organizations and associations in Slovenia and abroad, meeting students, participate in the development of life in the local community and others.

The largest project is “Mesto mladih” where they organize sports tournaments to win great prizes, workshops and educational lectures, theme nights and an unforgettable concert. Summer concerts for young people are organized in the framework of the project “Poletna glasbena scena” It offers an opportunity for the presentation of young bands.

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