Klub idrijskih študentov EN

Administrative Unit Idrija – 983 students

Municipalities: Idrija, Cerkno

“Klub idrijskih študentov” is a non-profit association of students and pupils, which works towards the integration in the fields of education, culture, sport and development. Club at the local level offers membership benefits and participation in club activities. KIŠ regularly participates in local communities and contributes to an active participation of young people in decision-making on subjects that directly affect their own future. At the same time they want to raise creativity and cultural attitude of its members. They want to involve them in sport activities and events which will spice up their free time.

They are proud of their club “Swenak”, which exists since 1997. It hosted some famous and slightly less well-known groups and artists. It is also a place for young music artists from Idrija. They provide them a rehearsal space and technical support. We are aware of the great importance of the presentation of not yet established bands from Idrija and its surroundings, so our stage is often occupied by young student and student bands.

In the summer months “Čipkarija” festival is held, which is a “youtt alternative to” a very famous Idrija Lace Festival. During “Čipkarije” many sporting events, panel discussions, film screenings, creative workshops and musical evenings are held.

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