Klub kočevskih študentov EN

Administrative Unit Kočevje – 799 students

Municipalities: Kočevje, Loški potok, Osilnica, Kostel

“Klub kočevskih študentov” (KLUKŠ) is a student club that was formed in 1997. All previous teams and heads of the clubs gathered ideas and experiences, which produced a lot of interesting projects and events. In the flow of student organizing three main traditional projects remained: “kulturiada”, “brucovanje” and “Kočevje se Prebuja”.

In addition to larger projects, to students in Kočevje it also means a lot the fact that we have our own premises where they can commit themselves one way or another and socialize.

They believe that KLUKŠ will further fulfill its mission of integration and connecting of students and young people from Koćevje surroundings. They also believe that they will give them different, better and more exciting opportunities to achieve their potential.

Traditional festival “Kočevje se prebuja” has become the largest one-day event of the club. With sporting games, two music evenings and other activities the festival realized its purpose and has revived Kočevje.

Freshman Party is a traditional project, which usually takes place in the local music club. At the entrance freshmen receive a free t-shirt with the logo of the club. The new students are welcomed into the student life by senior students.

Other bigger projects of the club are concerts in the club premises, “Kulturijada”, sporting games, pub games, various fairs, competitions and skiing.

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