Klub koroških študentov EN

Administrative Units Ravne, Slovenj Gradec, Radlje ob Dravi, Dravograd – 4130 students

Municipalities: Ravne na Koroškem, Prevalje, Mežica, Črna na Koroškem, Dravograd, Slovenj Gradec, Mislinja, Radlje ob Dravi, Muta, Vuzenica, Ribnica na Pohorju, Podvelka

“Klub koroških študentov” operates in diverse areas as it seeks to establish a better social status of its members and wants to contribute to the development of quality extracurricular activities in the region of Koroška. Thus, in all their active years the club operates in the field of sport, health and welfare, culture and education. The club is also active in the field of entertainment and seeks to establish more relaxed program content.    

The most high-profile projects of the student club are:
•    “Koroška gavda” in all three university cities (Ljubljana, Maribor, Portorož)
•    “KKŠ fest” – all-day events, carried out in the spirit of sport and the evening entertainment with popular Slovenian bands.
•    “ArenaZnanja” – educational workshops (courses, workshops, instructions)

Important areas of activity are also: high school students section with all kinds of projects and activities and culture, which includes various literary evenings, “Zaključek KKŠ Poletja” in the park, visit of a foreign city and music event in it, “Flimozof evenings”, “(S)mejmo se s KKŠ” etc. Projects that are also carried out are: winter camp, one day projects and projects in the field of social welfare and sport (primarily discounts and benefits for members, competitions…). However our biggest project is called “KMKC Kompleks”, where we organize concerts, stand-up comedy evenings, poker tournaments, DJ entertainment, metal music events, concerts of more alternative music bands, as well as a great deal of educational and cultural events.

“Klub koroških študentov” is one of the main pillars of youth events in “Koroška” area. They want to continually raise the quality of life of its members by investing in the development of knowledge, encouraging young people in creative spending of free time. They also want to contribute to a more equal society by offering many benefits and subsidies.

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