Klub posavskih študentov EN

Administrative Unit Krško – 1522 students

Municipalities: Kostanjevica, Krško

“Klub posavskih študentov” is a club with a long tradition. It has always brought together students from Posavje. Their primary activity is organizing extracurricular activities, in order to enliven student’s everyday life. They also want to accumulate valuable experience in the business world through the organization of projects. They offer students various discounts in cultural as well as sports field. They will also have a few major projects in Posavje, Ljubljana, Maribor and Primorska, where their members are studying.

“Kifl fešta” is the traditional project of the “Klub posavskih študentov”. The purpose of the project is the socialization of the students from Posavje in university cities. Like every year, in this year there was no shortage of typical “kifl” and “cviček”. As usual many bands performed including bands from their home town. The purpose of the festival is to revitalize summer music activities in Posavje, to enable young bands to presnt themselves to a bigger crowd, to present cultural activities of the Posavje youth and the promotion of Posavje in Slovenian territory.  

Other major events and projects are: “Kifl fešta” in Maribor, “Posavski študentski teden”, “Pod dežnikom”, literary evenings, “Grafit fest”, KPŠ 2-day skiing, “Mladi za čisto”, “Kifl fešta” n Ljubljana, “Festival Šrot”, “Fazanc”, “Kifl fešta” in Primorska and “Kifl fešta” in Posavje.

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