Klub prekmurskih študentov EN

Administrative Unit Murska Sobota – 2648 students

Municipalities: Beltinci, Tišina, Gornji Petrovci, Šalovci, Kuzma, Moravske Toplice, Murska Sobota, Puconci, Rogašovci, Cankova, Grad, Hodoš

“Klub prekmurskih študentov” is one of the oldest student clubs in Slovenia. It was founded in the thirties of the 20th century. It operated successfully in the past and is nowdays an important and strong factor in youth population, especially in student and high school student population. It is an important contributor to the educational and social life in a local community. Its purpose is to create a colorful array of activities and benefits for their members and to represent their views to the public.  

“Klub pomurskih študentov” is the most active student club in Pomurje and one of the most active clubs in Slovenia.
–    care for socially disadvantaged students and young student families (Student fund – scholarships for  socially disadvantaged students, “Forint za študij”  – scholarships for youth from Porabje, “Mlade mamice študentke” – subsidies for student families9
–    culinary and musical fun events for students in Ljubljana (“Bujta repa”), in Maribor (“Prekmurska gibanica”) and in Prekmurje (“Fanke”)
–    educational activities (preparing for graduation, language courses, workshops of communication skills)
–    cultural activities (subsidized seasonal tickets for theater, literary evenings, travel lectures)
–    sports and recreational activities (skiing, cycling, running, hiking, football tournaments and beach volleyball)
–    confrontations of opinions and representation of youth in the civil society (round tables, debates, initiatives)
–    relaxing and educational excursions and travels (visits of European capitals, summer and winter trips, New Year’s trips)
–    charity events (volunteering, “Unibus – student transportation into University cities, insurance for our members, charitable music and cultural events)
–    international networking (“Sekcija porabske mladine”, connecting with Slovenes abroad)

At the same time many other projects are organized, such as: info-days for high school students (organized transportation to University cities), participation on the “Škisova tržnica” event, prize competitions. In addition to activities and benefits in their own organization, the club also offers its members a variety of benefits of other organiazations

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