Klub ptujskih študentov EN

Administrative Unit Ptuj – 3338 students

Municipalities: City Municipality of Ptuj, Hajdina, Markovci, Gorišnica, Dornava, Kidričevo, Destrnik, Trnovska vas, Sv. Andraž v Slovenskih goricah, Juršinci, Videm pri Ptuju, Zavrč, Podlehnik, Žetale, Majšperk in Cirkulane

»Klub ptujskih študentov« is made up of students, united in a voluntary, independent and non-profit organization operating in the area of the Administrative Unit Ptuj. Member of the student club can become any student who resides in the Administrative Unit Ptuj and has in the current academic year a student status. In 2012 there are over 700 members of the student club. The student club also has its own high school students section, which brings together all students of Ptuj high schools and has over 300 members.  

The mission of the club is based on the creation of suitable conditions that allow and encourage the activity of students in the Administrative Unit Ptuj and beyond. They try to increase the quality of their extracurricular activities, expanding their possibilities of choice and try to increase their social power and influence. They organize and help in the organization of extracurricular activities and projects in the field of education, culture, recreation, entertainment and humanitarian action. Their basic values are creativity, knowledge, critical thinking, flexibility of thought and action, active participation, cooperation, quality communication and respect for human rights.

The club enables the students to independently design and implement extracurricular activities. It also enables them to spend their free time in a meaningful environment through supplementary education, culture, sport and recreation, entertainment and civil-society-oriented activities. Besides all that it also offers a number of discounts for services and purchase. It organizes trips and gatherings, helps socially disadvantaged students in financial assistance and organizes traditional projects for all of us. Some of them are: “Kurentanc”, “Bazeni energije”, TearasaFest”, “Vino ni voda”, Futer à la carte, »Humanistična ofenziva”, “Kresovanje” and others. Any ideas and goals are realized through projects which are funded from levy of the student work. The best thing about all of this is that every student, who is their member, can present the idea to the club and can ultimately carry out the project. 

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