Club škofjeloških študentov

Administrative Unit Škofja Loka – 2700 students

Municipality: Škofja Loka

“Klub škofjeloških študentov” encourages especially sports, cultural activities, educational content and language courses. In addition to that it also offers its members numerous benefits which can raise the quality of their student life. We work with the ŠKIS Association, Student Organization of Slovenia and other youth organizations. First and foremost the club cooperates with the “Zavod O” – youth center of Škofja Loka, which the club also founded. We also work with “Klub” študentov Poljanske doline”, “Klub študentov Selške doline” and “Klub Žirovskih študentov”.

The long-standing tradition of cooperation with scouts is most manifested in the central summer event – KŠŠ July camping at the river of Kolpa. A week of sports and fun, without civilization, under tents, without electricity and other modern day goods is a nice change of pace. Participants (around 100 of them) are just a confirmation that camping in the wild is the best way to disconnect from the whole routine of study commitments throughout the year. There is lots of sun, water, air, freedom (and mosquitoes – but no one minds them).  

The second most prominent project of the KŠŠ is an annual Freshman Party. At the beginning of the academic year they offer the new students a first class them party to a specific topic that concerns Slovenia or the local area. Each year a team of activists film a comedy short film, which further highlights the current problems. Freshmen present themselves on a town square, where they must perform various tasks. When they undergo the oath, the entertainment begins.

Other projects of the club include New Year’s celebration in one of the European capitals, hiking adventures (rafting, canyoning, adrenaline park), educational workshops (how to write a good CV, how to write a successful letter, basics of the quality communication), sports courses (climbing cross country skiing, snowboarding course). CPN section organizes mountaineering and cycling. They also organize various design competitions. They participate at the “Škisova tržnica” event and at the bigger projects of the “Zavod O” (“Dan za strpnost”, “Mesto v barvah”). They participate at student exchange, EVS exchange. They also offer instructions for high school students.

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