Klub študentov Dravinjske doline EN

Administrative Unit Slovenske Konjice – 1262 students

Municipalities: Slovenske Konjice, Loče, Zreče, Vitanje
»Klub študentov Dravinjske doline« is most involved in sporting activities, cultural events and of course, fun events for youth such as thematic student parties. In collaboration with Youth Centre Dravinjska dolina, which was founded by KŠDD, it is also involved in the organization of various workshops for children, summer schools, language workshops and other diverse events.

The most recognizable event is certainly a project “Kulturni teden”, which takes place in February. During the ten day a colorful program suitable for youth as well as older people takes place. During the weekends concerts are held and during the week many events take place. These events are: presentation of poetry collection, theatrical play, photo exhibition, literary evening, workshops, movie night etc.  

As a local organization it has been operating since 1982. KŠDD is one of the largest youth organizations in the local area, which represents the interests of youth (not just students) and is responsible for active free time.

Our mission is to offer young people a chance of quality free time, to connect youth and to set up activities with educational content. They fulfill our mission through workshops, projects, round tables, events, concerts…They offer the students an opportunity to participate on all levels of the club and encourage them to create and express themselves.

“Klub študentov Dravinjske doline” is the founder of the Youth centre Dravinjska Dolina (MCDD), which carries out activities designed for young people between ages 14 to 29. It has an information office in which they provide youth information and counseling. It offers free use of premises for youth organization and has the blue room (multipurpose room) for various trainings, conferences, meetings, round tables, lectures and tutorials. There is also a “cyber” MC Patriot café with free internet access, which during the weekends turns into an event hall with concerts and many other cultural events.

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