Klub študentov Ilirska Bistrica EN

Administrative Unit Ilirska Bistrica – 692 students

Municipality: Ilirska Bistrica

“Klub študentov Ilirska Bistrica” is a voluntary, independent, non-profit association of students and high school students who live in the area of the Administrative Unit IIirska  Bistrica, for the purpose of networking, education and raising the cultural level of their members. Along with students, and high school students the objectives of the club is to collaborate with other student organizations and associations in Slovenia, to manage the extracurricular activities of its members, diversification of cultural and social activity, assistance in study and implementation of programs that affect the socio-economic status of the members of the club. Because of this the club hosts and organizes various professional, cultural, entertainment and sporting events, trips, excursions, humanitarian, educational courses.

Every year in early February (before info-days) the club organizes presentations of faculties. Various directions and faculties represent students from Ilirska Bistrica and its surroundings. After the winter exam period all students from Ilirska Bistrica gather at a traditional “Brkini fešta. The club takes care for drinks and music.

For all members of KŠIB the club offers discount services to a variety of concerts, trips, swimming in Mošćenička Draga. Every year in the first weekend in September the club organizes second-hand book fair. At the beginning of the new school year KŠIB takes care of the entertainment of students. For New Year’s Eve they take students a bit further – to Prague, Budapest, Sarajevo, Belgrade etc.

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