Klub študentov Lendava EN

Administrative Unit Lendava – 1057 students

Municipalities: Kobilje, Dobrovnik, Velika Polana, Črenšovci, Odranci, Turnišče, Lendava

KŠL-LEK (Klub študentov Lendava – A Lendvai egyetemisták klubja) is a non-political, non-profit, voluntary association with the legal form of association that meets the needs of students and high school students in the area of administrative units Lendava. The main aims of the club are to connect young people both at national and international level, to present students from Lendava in Slovenia and abroad, care for the welfare of students in the social, cultural, sporting and other fields, to inform students of their rights and fight for their consideration.

The club carries out various projects. The most popular social project is called “KŠL obdaruje” (KŠL donates), where, in December, they collect used toys for underprivileged children, prepare gifts and surprise them for Christmas. The project “KŠL miga”, encourages students and high school students not to forget about their health. The club offers them free recreation every Monday and Friday in recreational sports center Lendava, where they can play volleyball and badminton.

In their new youth culture incubator – Mansarda, which they restored with the help of Youth Council Lendava and volunteers, they organize various round tables, forums, film nights, stand-up comedy, and of course, various concerts. They also organize the traditional Halloween freshman party and band pre-selection for Rock Otočec.

Among the traditional projects is also Open Smile Jam Festival, which takes place near Lendava. The aim of the festival is to promote outstanding young music groups to be actively creative. The festival also gives them an opportunity to play their music to home crowd. Each year, they also invite more known groups that make a real party.

All other student clubs and students from Slovenia know them for Hungarian language and famous bograč (Hungarian beef goulash). Student Bogračfest is a project carried out in Maribor, Slovenia. In 2012 they organized the first Bogračfest in Ljubljana. Student teams compete in cooking bograč and at the end the commission awards prizes for the best. More and more students in Slovenia are learning the most important Lendava words such as »egeszsegedre«, »sör«, »bor« and »odi na FRÖČ«.

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