Klub študentov občin Postojna in Pivka EN

Administrative Unit Postojna – 1063 students

Municipalities: Postojna, Pivka

Since its establishment in 1993 the club wants to help students in the municipalities Postojna and Pivka. They assist them in the implementation of various projects in various areas (culture, sports, education, social …). The club is also the co-founder of Postojna Youth Centre and co-organizes jointly an annual “Zmaj ‘ma mlade”, during which many different types of cultural-educational, entertainment and sporting events for everyone are held. The festival is one of the essential and most recognizable projects in the municipality. To members e-point is available in the office hours at the premises of the club, where they can photocopy and print seminar and diplomas for free. The club always welcomes anyone who wants fun, and wants to meet new people and has some idea that you would like to realize.

Annual KŠOPP Freshman Party is the event where they accept freshmen into student club members. On the event there is always present good music and famous KŠOPP “brucomor”. Other projects of the club are Freshman Party in Postojna, recreation, Impro League, informal education, New Year’s Eve, Winter games, summer sports, theme nights, the “Republika Primorska”. Recently the club prepared for its members a career workshop.

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