Klub študentov občine Celje EN

Administrative unit Celje – 3392 students

Municipalities: Celje, Dobrna, Štore in Vojnik.

“Klub študentov občine Celje” (KŠOC) works in the field of student organizing and extracurricular activities. For the eight year it actively bring together students and high school students with the goal of connecting, informing and organizing youth activities and projects in the fields of culture, sports, social welfare, education, entertainment and youth policy.

In addition to numerous events KŠOC also offers students a variety of permanent benefits for a higher quality study and supports them in achieving their goals and activities. All the current information is available for students in the office of the club, in the club magazine “Petarda”, on the portal www.mladismo.si and on the club website www.klub-soc.si.

Projects of the club:
–    Skiing day on Krvavec (sport)
–    Poker night (socializing)
–    Motivational weekend for club members (education)
–    Break the silence (alternative concert – support to local bands)
–    “Očistimo Slovenijo” (voluntary)
–    Free healthy breakfast in MMC Kavarna (healthy living)
–    “Maraton znanja (free educational seminar)
–    Hike to Celjska koča (sport)
–    Student blood donating week “Častim pol litra” (voluntary)
–    “Street FOKUS” (free photography contest for high school students)
–    “Mladi smo OPEN AIR (the biggest one day event in the Celje area)
–    “Z glasbo do vrelišča” (alternative concert)
–    “Celje FOKUS (five-day photography workshop)
–    Tournament in football, basketball and volleyball (sport)
–    “KŠOC BRUC” (freshmen’s party)
–    “Celani v Lublani (meeting of Celje students in Ljubljana)
–    “Celani v Mariboru” (meeting of Celje students in Maribor)
–    1st of December – World AIDS Day (healthy living)
–    “Žur leta” (End of the year party for members, sponsors and partners of the club)
–    New Year’s party abroad for members

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