Klub študentov občine Koper EN

Administrative Unit Koper – 2219 students

Municipality: Koper

“Klub študentov občine Koper” (KŠOK) is non-political and voluntary association of individuals. They meet the needs of students and high school students in the area of the Administrative units Koper. KŠOK-operation is very broad, as it tries to meet the needs of over 2200 students of Koper. The purpose of a KŠOK is to present students of the Administrative Unit of Koper in Slovenia and abroad and look after the welfare of their members on the social, cultural, sports and other areas that are vital to their well-being. The objectives of the club are to improve the social position of the members, to encourage them to involvement in sports and cultural fields, taking care of their education, providing conditions to spend some quality time, caring for their general information and other goals, aimed at providing a quality study period. To reach these goals KŠOK greater part of the program is carried out under the auspices of five departments and two sections, which in various fields have a positive impact on the lives of students and students: Department for Culture, department of welfare, department of education, department of sport, department for international cooperation, video section and “Koprska dijaška sekcija”. Throughout the year KŠOK organized over 100 events, of which the most famous “Festival JEFF”, “Oživela ulica”, “Ulice pripovedujejo”, “Snegfest”, “Izmenjava oblek”, “Maturant, kam naprej?!”, “Poti domišljij”e,  “KulturKŠOK@PiNA”,” Glove Parade”, “Zlomi si nogo” and many other. They offer their members regular programs containing over 50 training courses and a large number of different subsidies of sports, cultural and educational activities and much more.

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