Klub študentov občine Piran EN

Administrative Unit Piran – 728 students

Municipality: Piran

“Klub študentov občine Piran” acts as a representative of students and high school students in the area of the Administrative Unit Piran since 1992. It is actively involved and participates in the cultural, social, sports and other areas that are beneficial to the club members and the surroundings in which they live.

The mission of the club is to raise the quality of life of students and high school students who live in the area. It is based primarily on the organization of projects and promotion of sports and cultural activities for students and high school students. The club offers them additional training and enables them to spend some quality time.

“Dan mladosti” is a traditional project in the month of May and a free one-day event with a rich cultural and entertainment program. Every year many Slovenian and foreign music and dance groups perform. In addition to various activities and a relaxed atmosphere, the venue attracts young beautiful ambience on rt Seča, the so-called “wild beach”. Each year the event is attended by thousands of curious onlookers from all over Slovenia, as well as a multitude of foreigners, mostly Italians and Croats.

Other projects of the club are “Mozaik Poletja”, “Kšopov grand prix”, “Kšopovo smučanje” in “Organiziranje zabavnih večerov”.

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