Club students Trebnje

Administrative unit Trebnje – 1029 students

Municipalities: Trebnje, Šentrupert, Mokronog

“Klub študentov občine Trebnje” operates in the fields of culture, arts, education, sport and social welfare. In various forms and on a voluntary basis it brings together students and high school students in the area of the Administrative Unit Trebnje. By organizing various events and activities it is responsible for the popularization of culture and music, development of culture and creativity. It is also responsible for raising the quality of the work and activities of members and sections of the club, the development of sport and recreation opportunities to students. It cooperates with similar organizations, schools and faculties.

The club has its own premises in which they offer their members free internet access, board games, table football and darts. This ensures quality leisure time of young people.

Vision of the club is to continue work and activities, which are already held and at the same time be opened for interests and initiatives of the students, which will satisfy their needs.

“Študentski vikend inteligence in cvička” (ŠVIC) is a project of the club and has in the last 7 years become the largest festival in Dolenjska. The festival was named “Študentski vikend inteligence in cvička” because it lasts for the weekend and is primarily intended for students who have been associated with intelligence. It is also intended for the promotion of “cviček”, a local wine that thrives on the surrounding hills. During the day various activities are held: sport tournaments (basketball, football, beach volleyball), various workshops (body painting, “Tour the ŠVIC”, bingo, card games, board games, slip’n’slide, salsa course, hot air balloon, ŠVIC hairdresser and fun games for student clubs). In the evening concerts are held, where known bands and dancers perform.

During the Christmas holidays students prepare weekly events that enliven other holiday events. They are committed to the “healthy mind in a healthy body” slogan. This year they participated in bowling, skiing and ice skating. Sporting days are accompanied by social evenings, LAN party and movie nights.  

Other projects include travel lectures, dance courses, Thai boxing, aerobics, Freshman Party, team work workshop, “bowla party”, lan party, movie nights, cultural evenings, theater nights, trips and skiing.

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