Club študentov Poljanske doline

Administrative Unit Škofja Loka – 2700 students

Municipality: Gorenja vas – Poljane

“Klub študentov Poljanske doline” includes students and high school students who want to share their study experiences with their colleagues and actively spend their free time.

The club has its own premises where students can use computers, photocopier, printer etc. In addition the club also organizes excursions, Freshman Party, travel lectures and group skiing. The main purpose is socializing, acquiring new skills and leisure activities during examination periods.  Because students and high school students present intellectuals, the club is committed to subsidizing various courses. These help the students to learn something and at the same time save some money.  

The biggest project of KŠPD is a Freshman Party. The purpose of the party is to include new members in the activities of the club. The club has an Etno section, which tries to actively revive old peasant customs. They organize several actions with aims of socializing and active free time spending.

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