Club študentov Selške doline

Administrative Unit Škofja Loka – 2700 students

Municipality: Železniki

“Klub Študentov Selške doline” (KŠSD) seeks its members since 1975 to offer a diverse choice of leisure activities, ranging from sports, cultural, educational to fun and social events.

Currently they are moving towards an even greater decentralization of a club in order to structurally allow the widest possible range of students that arw actively involved in the club. Their vision is to become the club of long-term diversified conglomerate of interests sections (i.e. the section for international activities, newspaper section, cultural, educational, sports, etc).That would allow them to be completely open to all the students in the municipality.

The project called “Naj živi 1. maj” has been carried out for the first time in 2003. Since themn it has become a project which is held from mid-April to mid-May. In that time a lot of different sports, educational, cultural and entertainment events are held. The climax is reached on the last night of April, when a big bonfire is lit in honor of the 1st May.

“Slovo poletju” comes at the end of the summer holidays, when students and high school students return to school. We also organize many projects for all generations in the summer. The summer is ended with a concert in “Športni park Rovn”.

December is a time of joy, fun and winter fun, but we still remember the culture and health. We participate at the International AIDS Day. 

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