Klub študentov Slovenska Bistrica EN

Administrative Unit Slovenska Bistrica – 1800 students

Municipalities: Slovenska Bistrica, Makole, Poljčane, Oplotnica

On the 11th February 1991 student life in Slovenska Bistrica began to live. On that day the first statute of the “Klub študentov Slovenska Bistica” was adopted. The predecessors of the current heads of the student club have invested a lot of work so that the club would be came a constant figure in the student life of the students from Slovenska Bistrica. Many generations have exchanged but what they all have in common is a project “Dan ljubezni” and other projects that have become traditional.

The club operates in several areas, especially those that affect their members. They cooperate with other associations. They are most involved with “Mladinski center Miš”, “Mladinski klub Šik”, “Športno društvo Tinje”, “Kulturno umetniško društvo Zaprti oddelek”, “Freeride klub Makole”, “KUD Alojz Avžner” and “Kud Jurij Vodovnik”. They cooperate with many other associations working in the Administrative Unit Slovenska Bistrica area and are covering sports, cultural and other activities. Instead of “bar culture”, they offer culture in the true sense, including a safe and creative space for implementation of ideas. They offer to all the members all kinds of discounts, free copies of school material, internet access and of course a varied program of activities in the fields of education, culture and sport.

The “Dan ljubezni” event is traditionally held during the “day of youth”, that is normally every year around 25th of May. In that time projects for different age groups are held, with a focus on youth aged 19 to 35. The three constant projects during the “Dan ljubezni” event are: rock concert, electronic music concert and a football tournament. The goal is to organize as many activities as possible, to attract youth and to offer them a varied music, sports and cultural day. The location of the event was moved from a traditional location in the heart of Slovenska Bistrica to a nearby lake Farovec, where a rock concert which attracts many fans is held.    

Other projects include sports tournaments, travel lectures, performances, workshops, lectures, courses, card game tournaments, New year’s trips to European capitals, music events, club picnics, stand-up comedy shows and other projects. The club organizes on special occasions projects, such as “Očistimo Slovenijo” (Let’s clean Slovenia), “Martinovanje”, Christmas events etc. The club activists try to organize many charitable projects, which makes a positive touch in the area, which is essential for the society in these times.

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