Klub študentov šmarške fare EN

Administrative Unit Velenje – 1624 students

Municipality: Šmartno ob Paki

Today’s focus of the club is mainly the operation of the club within the municipality and linking the otherwise not united students from the area. It regionally links with clubs in the 03 area. Their main partner is “Šaleški študentski klub”. They are good friend who also organize projects together. With transports to Ljubljana, social events and cultural events they try to bring together students from the area. They want to activate students to actively participate in the life in their hometown.

Ine of the biggest projects is “Izlet v neznano” The students register for the trip, but they do not known where they are going. They typically try to guess where they are going. This year they went to “Koroška” and last year to “Prekmurje”, where they met students from the local student club. On the trip there is sightseeing of the local landscape and sights. Activities are distributed over the entire day. The participants also have their free time which they can use for various activities.

Every September they organize a major concert with a picnic of roasted chestnuts. They try to invite famous bands in order to attract more visitors. The attendance is almost always good, as in “Šmartno” there is a shortage of good rock concerts. The concert and the picnic attract people of all generations.

With the help of the youth center “Šmartno ob Paki” they issued literary and artistic booklet with the participation of young artists from the local area. Other projects of the club include: cleaning action, travel lecture, cultural event, “Koktej parti s pridihom pusta”, sporting events, Streetball, KŠŠF- picnic, skiing, New Year’s party, Freshman Party, “Postmartinovanje”, broadcast “Marin študira” and transportation to Ljubljana.

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