Klub trboveljskih študentov EN

Administrative Unit Trbovlje – 812 students

Municipality: Trbovlje

“Klub B” – a club of students from Trbovlje covers the area of the Administrative Unit Trbovlje which has an approximately 800 students. The club operates in the various fields: culture, sports, entertainment, social welfare, tourism and education. Each year they organize one or more training courses, competitions, trips to Slovenia and abroad, games and tournaments, concerts and entertainment events as well as provide events in the field of film and theater. They are involved with other clubs from Trbovlje, high schools, youth centers, other clubs and also with the Municipality of Trbovlje. They are the co-organizers of the largest entertainment-cultural event at the municipality holiday and organizers of the traditional concert at the end of the school year, which is their largest independent project. They inform students and high school students on current topics in their field and provide them with the possibility of free instructions. Their members have discounts in various shops, a subsidized use of fitness and sauna and discounts for tickets for the cinema. They are distinguished by ecological awareness and charity. “Klub B” has a high school students section which is active in the implementation of smaller projects. In its operation the club brings diverse activities for youth in the local environment and enables them to alternate ways of entertainment. It also provides them with a space for creativity and implementation of ideas.

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