Club tržiških študentov

Administrative Unit Tržič – 751 students

Municipality: Tržič

“Klub tržiških študentov” works primarily in the fields of entertainment, culture, education, sport, health and social welfare. In the field of entertainment we organize many projects and parties with DJs such as a Playboy party, DJ Svizec Party and  a concert of the band Marsal.  In the field od culture the club prepares various travel lectures. In the field of sport we organize a skiing trip, a paintball tournament and a party on the snow.

The most widely recognized project of the club is a concert “Noč je mlada ‘09”. They organized a concert of the band Big Foot Mama with three supporting bands. The project was a very big task both financially and logistically, especially for a club of that size.

The club annually organizes skiing, which attracts large umbers of participants. Thus, in 2009 76 students went in France for a ski trip.

Other bigger projects of the club are: Freshman party, “Martinovanje” in Cassa, “Martinovanje” in Jeruzalem, travel lectures, Ski opening pohorje, one-day ski trips, round table for future students, Pre-New Year’s Rock party, foreign language courses, sporting tournaments.

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