Klub zgornjesavinjskih študentov EN

Adminstrative Unit Mozirje – 926 students

Municipalities: Solčava, Luče, Mozirje, Gornji Grad, Rečica, Nazarje in Ljubno

“Klub  zgornjesavinjskih študentov” (KZSŠ) is the only student organization operating in the Zgornja Savinjska dolina area. The club operates in seven municipalities and the office of the club is in Municipality Ljubno. The area the club covers has approximately 900 students.

The club was established in 1961 and it was called “Zgornjesavinjski študentski klub”.

KZSŠ works in the fields of education, social welfare, culture, sport and entertainment. In the field of social welfare and culture it organizes lectures on social issues, mono-comedies, theatrical plays, and participates in charity events. It organizes in the field of education educational fair and language courses. There are also many sporting events such as basketball, football, volleyball and darts tournaments.

The largest project is “Flovest Festival”, which each year attracts around 4000 young and young at heart. The festival consist of a daily sports and entertainment program and the evening part with rock concerts of young bands as well as established bands from Slovenia and abroad. In 2012 the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary. The club also organizes freshman party, rock parties and picnics. It also participates at the “Škisova tržnica” event and organizes KZSŠ party in Ljubljana.

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