Laški akademski klub EN

Administrative Unit Laško – 932 študentov

Municipalities: Laško, Radeče

“Laški akademski klub” is a voluntary, independent, non-profit association of students from municipalities Laško and Radeče, They united to socialize, exchange experiences and culturally create ideas. LAK was established in 1957 as an organization for organizing the annual Freshman Party, which brought together new and experienced students. A year later an academic ball was organized, where they invited parents of the new students as well as former students with families. Both the Freshmen Party and the academic ball still exist today. These two projects remain the central events in which they invest the most effort. Important parts of the club’s activity are weekly meetings, where they plan future events. Students and high school students who join the LAK are offered several benefits: subsidized tickets for theater, concerts, bowling, binding of diplomas and master’s dissertations, trips (Bratislava, Belgrade, Gardaland, Dolenjska).

Academic balls are organized since 1958. Before the event begins an initiation ritual, where new students are accepted in the circle of knowledgeable and educated people, takes place. The initiation process is a tradition and custom of previous generations that fill us with pride and commitment to LAK.

Traditional photography competition “kLAK” was held for the fifth year and has a lot of recognition among fans of photography, as it already achieved international success. The goal of the “kLAK” project is to encourage photographic creativity among people who are amateur photographers. It is designed for people of all ages. The best authors are rewarded for their efforts and have their work exhibited, since most of them do not have this opportunity before they enter the competition.

Other major projects of the club are: traditional visits of wine cellars, Freshman Party, Christmas concert, New Year’s trip, “Žur v Ljubljani”, “LAK-ov Aquasplash, Adrenaline day, summer trip, “Turnir generacij” (The Tournament of Generations) and travel lectures.

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