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Leadership of ŠKIS Remains in Hands of Špela Oset

At the annual general meeting that took place on Saturday, 14 November, in Krško, student clubs elected the leadership of the ŠKIS Association (the Association of Student Clubs). The leadership of the Association will remain in hands of the incumbentpresident Špela Oset from Celje, who received the support of 37 councillors of local student clubs.

»Everything is possible if you have the right team,« is a sentence often said by Špela Oset. In 2014, this 25‑year-old Masters’ student became the second woman president of the Association, which reunites 56 student clubs with more than 11,000 students from all around Slovenia. During last year, Špela proved that this sentence is correct. To win the elections was the primary goal of the newly elected team, and the numerous successes that they achieved duringtheir mandate period were only alogical consequence. The election gave them the motivationas well as the possibility to improve the functioning of the Association.

The members succeeded in improving the foundation of the Association by enforcing new internal acts and developing more effective communication and relations with the student clubs, which is why it is not surprising that the team, although a bit changed, but still highly motivated, was re-elected this year.

The following members that will help the president Špela Oset with the management of the Association were elected: Ajda Praznik (the leader of the Board for Higher Education), Martin Retelj (the leader of the Board for Social and Health Services), Nika Gerbec (the leader of the International Board), Nina Plank (the leader of the Board for Secondary Education), Patricija Premrov (the leader of the Board for Education), Simon Šoln (the president of the Security Council), Ilija Buzar (the administrator of the Association), Matevž Skrbiš (the treasurer of the Association), and Vesna Arlič (the leader of the Operational Part of the Association).

The team intends to use their knowledge and experience to achieve their goalsand help improve the development of student clubs and the Association itself. They also want to pass their knowledge on the individuals and activists that will shape the destiny of the Association and its members in the future.

The ŠOLS Council also elected the representatives of the regions that form the Security Council of the ŠKIS Association. Next year, the Security Council will therefore be represented by Miha Zupančič, Varja Božič, Matej Šavs, Marcel Šumnik, Gregor Ugovšek, and Andraž Bebar.


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