Local Culture and On Arrival Training – Ljutomer

Today i’m here to share with you about the On arrival training which was organised under European Voluntary Service project and of course about my first travel in the country.

I spent the last week in Ljutomer. Its considered, looking to the map of Slovenia, the head of the chicken. The economy of Ljutomer is in a huge amount based on vineyards (grape farming) and wine making.

I like this first experience, getting more knowledge about project and about the country, because on that on arrival training, i found out all important things which are included in EVS. What is the priority about this European Voluntary Service and how far i learned about that in a special way, because i met  new people whose objectives are the same as mine.

We share a lot of situations that happen during the EVS projects and we did dicussions to find solutions for solve them. I would like to mention that it was a very positive training!!!

Let me just share two the points of the EVS projects, if you don’t know or if you just want to be sure about service…ask me and i will tell you!
The purpose of  EVS programme is to try to do the connection around the

European countries. Give the opportunity to young people to promote the place of the project and later use tools to improve gained knowledge and skills in their society…

Soo I recommended everyone to try this experience!

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