New president and new member club of ŠKIS Association

On Saturday, 29 October 2016, the representatives of Slovene student clubs elected the new leadership of the Association of Student Clubs of Slovenia (ŠKIS). After two years of her presidency, Špela Oset passed it on Patricija Premrov, a longstanding member of ŠKIS and a former leader of the Board for Education. Additionally, ŠKIS also got a new member – the Club of Italian Students in Slovenia, which already presented itself at this year’s ŠKIS Fair.

The electoral assembly of ŠKIS took place on 29 October in Maribor-Pohorje. At the assembly, the former leadership of ŠKIS presented their work in the previous mandate, and the newly elected team talked about their plans and goals for the future. Patricija Premrov, a 24-year-old graduate student at the Faculty of Economics, expressed her wish to make student clubs an even more independent entity during her mandate, one that separates itself from the activities of other organisations in the same sphere of operation.

Along with the new president, the student clubs also elected new members of the Committee of the ŠKIS Association, the Supervisory Commission and the Security Council. The new members of the Committee are Simon Šoln (vice-president of ŠKIS and president of the Security Council), Nina Plank (the leader of the Board for Secondary Education), Urša Leban (the leader of the International Board), Matej Drobnič (the leader of the Board for Higher Education), Petra Dermota (the leader of the Board for Social and Health Services), Sandra Križanec (the leader of the Management Board of the Operational Part of ŠKIS), Tina Šoln (the leader of the Board for Education), Jon Pelko (the administrator of ŠKIS) and Vesna Arlič (the treasurer of ŠKIS). In this mandate, the Security Council will be composed of Ilija Buzar, Žan Kavčič, Lučka Ilc, Tim Gumilar and Domen Balantič. The representatives of individual regions forming the Security Council are Iris Ambrož, Varja Božič, Mark Perko, Jaka Trilar, Miha Zupančič and Andraž Bebar.

As the new president, Patricija expressed her wish to establish even more efficient internal functioning including young highly motivated individuals which will co-create and manage the ŠKIS Association. She emphasised that most attention should go to teaching new and younger members and to the transfer of knowledge and information about ŠKIS Fair organisation. New ways to stimulate student clubs to be more active when it comes to functioning of their student sections should also be found. In her opinion, this is the only way to keep the spirit and the idea of organising youth into student clubs alive.

About a year ago, Italians studying at Slovene universities also reminded ŠKIS that student organising is present even outside local communities in Slovenia. Due to similar interests and functioning, they addressed a request to join the association in the name of the Club of Italian Students in Slovenia. Club’s main purpose is supporting Italians studying in Slovenia and organising smaller, but successful events for their uniting. The club was already presented at the ŠKIS Fair 2016 and was officially made part of the association at the assembly. When ŠKIS was established in 1994, it only had 25 member clubs. The Club of Italian Students in Slovenia is now its 57th member. The new president expressed her appreciation to the club, as well as her wish for ŠKIS to continue growing and following its tradition the next year. She also stressed that the power of ŠKIS lies in its each and every individual student club.

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