Notranjski študentski klub EN

Administrative Unit Cerknica – 931 students

Municipalities: Cerknica, Loška dolina, Bloke

“Notranjski študentski klub” is one of the eight clubs that make up the central region and covers students from three municipalities, the Municipality of Bloke, Loška Dolina and Cerknica. Approximate number of students in these three municipalities is about a thousand.

The most important project of the club is “Heksnfest”. It is a ten-day festival of sport (competition in football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis …), culture (opening ceremony, theatrical performance …), socializing (tarok tournament, table football, darts, poker …) and fun (hip hop asphalt, the closing concert, beach party), that connects youth from Cerknica and surrounding towns. Annual Freshman Party also is derived in the form of a concert and one or more days of skiing. In this year “Zelenfest” was organized for the first time. It is a multi-day project to get to know the landscape and home entertainment in nature (a walk with biologists, cave adventure, picnic, paintball, evening with astronomers, hay wagon driving …). Students are also able to socialize (foosball, darts and board games) in the premises of the club. Team and all interested members traditionally sets  out to the motivational weekend. Members are offered a subsidized Springbreak in Kanegra. In the club’s premises various courses are held out(course preparing for graduation in English language, course for a boat driver). Each year the club presents its stand on “Škisova tržnica”. Members of NŠK have a 100% subsidized fees in the library of Jože Udovič in Cerknica.

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