Prleški študentski klub EN

Administrative unit Ljutomer – 821 students
Municipalities: Ljutomer, Križevci pri Ljutomeru, Razkrižje, Veržej

“Prleški študentski klub” was officially registered in 1994, but unofficially functions for more than forty years. They are one of the most active youth associations in Pomurje, which hosts a variety of traditional events. They pay the most attention to “Zobl žur”, which is carried out in Ljubljana and Maribor. In the last two years the project was also held in its home town. They also organize other events such as a “freshman party”, “Pomurje žura”. They also participate in “Škisova tržnica” event in Ljubljana and Maribor. They deal with organizing trips and excursions (visit of the ski jumps in Planica, vacation on the island of Pag, one-week sailing expedition to Jeruzalem, a trip to Sarajevo et al.). They are active in the field of sports, where teams represent them in Pomurska basketball league in Maribor student university league, and in various tournaments in basketball and football. They regularly organize blood donating events in Ljutomer. On the Day of fight against AIDS they raise awareness on the dangers of this disease. They attended the project “Očisitimo Slovenijo” (Let’s clean Slovenia). A few years ago they arranged a room on the premises of the club that is designed for rehearsals of young bands. Five bands rehearse there, some of which also appear on their events. They also offer various other benefits and discounts for their members.

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