Šaleški študentski klub EN

Administrative Unit Velenje – 2517 students

Municipalities: Velenje, Šoštanj, Šmartno ob Paki

“Šaleški študentski klub” has been operating since 1957. The club office is in the city of Velenje, but the club seeks to integrate all students from “Šaleška dolina” and neighboring cities. More and more of traditional and well attended projects demonstrate the good functioning of the student club. Major projects of the ŠŠK include a festival “Dnevi mladih in culture” which is one of the largest and oldest festivals in Slovenia, “Akademski ples”, “Knaš žur” in Maribor, “Ej lejga žur” in Ljubljana, traditional ŠŠK trip into the unknown, skiing in Nassfeld and others. Within the “Šaleški študentski klub” operates a high school students section. Its targets are high school students in the area. The club wants to offer them benefits, and offer them a learning opportunity so they can become active members of ŠŠK.

May is the month of youth and culture. It is also a month in which a traditional festival is held (it is organized in Velenje). The festival “Dnevi mladih in kulture” is the first student festival, which was created in the independent Slovenia. On the festival there is no shortage of music, photo exhibitions, round tables, graffiti workshops, sport games and stand-up comedy nights. We must also mention “štafeta mladosti”, which originates from the former Yugoslavia. The symbolic arrival on the Velenje Castle traditionally opens the festival. “Štafeta mladosti” has no political flair (as it had in the former Yugoslavia). It simply symbolizes the integration and joining of the students.    

The city of Velenje and the entire “Saleška dolina” were traditionally mining places. Mining is very important in Velenje, so the students from the club continue in this style with the traditional “Knap” party.

The club also organizes the event called “Akademski ples”, which brings together almost forgotten generations. Former students sit at the same table and debate on their common memories of their student years. The event is accompanied by good music, drinks and food.  

“Šaleški študentski klub” every year organizes a project called “Mamice študentke”, which is intended for young student Families and parents. This charity event has now been organized six times. The club used to gift young mothers on Mother’s Day, but in the last few years it became a Christmas event. We annually help around 20 families. We hand them a gift certificate for baby shops and so we try to help them financially at least a bit on holidays.  

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