ŠKIS educational club seminar

The ŠKIS Academy

The ŠKIS Academy is a day-long training that offers workshops and courses that cover the topics, connected to the work sphere in student clubs, such as project work, work in groups, communication, leadership, bureaucracy and administration, marketing, motivation, activists and other topics.

At those workshops, the trainers of the ŠKIS Association and the competent activists of the Association or clubs present the theory, connect it to the examples of good practices and motivate the activists to exchange their experiences.


The IZOPOP Workshops take place during the working week in Ljubljana and are intended for the activists of the Association and student clubs. The topics that are covered are individual-centred, promote the personal growth and gaining experience, important in personal as well as in professional life, such as the use of computer programs, public speaking, time management, creativity, personal branding, giving feedback and other.

Pool of the ŠKIS Association Trainers

The individuals that pass the training for the ŠKIS Association trainers become a part of the pool of trainers. We do our best to recruit diverse personnel of trainers that cater to the needs of clubs. At this moment, the pool consists of 20 trainers from 16 different student clubs around Slovenia.

International Training for Trainers

The ŠKIS Association wants to expand its pool of trainers, which share their knowledge in a form of non-formal learning for the needs of the Association. With this purpose, the Association organises different trainings for its trainers. Last year, the training had an international note, as it united partners from Belgium, Montenegro and Serbia and was therefore conducted in English. The Slovenians were joined by groups of four youth workers from the above mentioned partner countries that are working in similar non-governmental organisations.

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