ŠKIS working weekend at Velenje

With a new year almost here, it was time for Škis to ˝build a mutual trust between activists and to identify and sort out the problems, which occur in our organization.

One of the most important goal of the working weekend is to plan our aims and objectives for this year in groups and also as a whole organization. ˝ according to Staša Jager, one of the weekend organizers.

The weekend occurred at Velenje and during two days, Škis activists could learn and develop group dynamics, leadership and team building aspects through out lectures, workshops, case studies or energizers.

The main discussion went around dillemas that Škis have been encounter in the past and probably will again in the future and what is the best way to deal with them. In this way, activists could think and act as a whole, as an organization. But there was time to do the same, separately, as a committee: Security council, Board for High school students, Board for Higher education, Board for Social and health affairs, Supervisiory board, International board and Operative board.

Another important issue was to introduce to all new activists, the methods on how to work in Zveza Škis which were presented by Staša Jager and Tibor Derganc.

Guest Maruša Naglič gave a lecture about communication, motivationconflict and effectiveness. After that Jan Kovačič and Tina Kastelic also guest lectures, prepared some exercises about Team building. The aim was to know, connect and trust each activist.

At night it was time get together and welcome all new activists with some games and have some fun!

On Sunday, the work continued untill lunch and the purpose was to summarize main dillemas and approachs to each one of them and go through a overall impression of the working weekend.
The »process of transfering the knowledge and progress is very important to build a strong field od informal knowledge and learning« (Staša Jager).

As for me, new at Škis and lost in translation most of the time, was a shame not to be able to engage in the discussions and most of the workshops but had it’s perks. It’s always funny taking pictures when people are not expecting (hope you will forgive me or at least get used to it!) be able to read expressions and have a more objective way of view on the overall.

As far as I consider, the main objectives of the working weekend were attained and the activists are more cohesive, prepared for a great new year with lots of work to be done!


Bjs, Daniela

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