ŠOLS meeting

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. (H.E. Luccock)

Today I will share with you some experiences, I gained during the meeting of the Council ŠOLS.

Council ŠOLS is a group of people, which are the representative members of differents  student   clubs, which represents one of the four organisations which is part of the Student Organisation of Slovenia (ŠOS).

First I must mention that even not realizing/understanding the details, which were being discussed by the representative members, was very fascinated, how can huge group of young people in one place, can be respectful to eachothers, while someone is having speach.
The projects were presented in a clear, fast way and always had open space for questions of members, to make ununderstandable things understandable, what also made the meeting dynamic, transparent and perceptible.

I saw that to arrive at that kind of event is necessary to cooperate and have active participation.

I would like share as a good example that kind of events as a good practise to all Youth organisations. It was also good opportunity for me to make contacts with new people from different student clubs. 

Without any doubt it was a great experience, because I saw a time when young people with different ideas, could find a common point easily together.

BJS* Dayrina
Foto: Dayrina Barros

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