Študentski klub GROŠ EN

Administrative Unit Grosuplje – 2165 students

Municipalities: Grosuplje, Ivančna Gorica, Dobrepolje

“Študentski klub Groš” works in the fields of education, sports, culture, social welfare and of course entertainment. We must mention a few successful projects they have carried out. They offer a free preparation for graduation which is very important since high school students must be prepared if they want to enter into a desired faculty. They also organize a Freshman Party. In December there are many different workshops. They also organize skiing, a carnival and an annual project in May which is slowly becoming a “Spring break with Groš”.     

The annual “Groš” project is also informing young peole about the dangers of HIV on World AIDS Day. They also give away roses and carnations on Women’s Day. Each year they reward ten young student families with gift certificates for one of the children’s stores.

In recent years they also organized various trainings, for example “Novi triki Offica 2007/2010” or “Postavitev spletne strain s pomočjo Joomle”. They organized several trips i.e. “Martinovanje z Grošem”, “Predbožični Dunaj z Grošem”, “Z Grošem v Gardaland”, “Z Grošem v Portorož”. They held a variety of events at the premises of the club, such as board games, jazz nights, rock nights, stand-up comedy shows and travel lecture.

For their members they organize activities such as paintball, go-carting, bowling and zumba marathon. Members of the club are also entitled to various benefits, discounts and subsidies for events.

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